Individual Therapy


Many people are apprehensive about beginning therapy. This is understandable as therapy is mostly portrayed poorly in the media. Our first job is to make you feel as at ease as possible. Most of us in our lives are not used to talking about ourselves, especially for an hour! So it can take a while to get used to the idea of telling your story. The relationship between you and your therapist is so important, and will play a big part in how well your therapy goes. We will help you look at what is not working in your life, set some goals maybe, or decide what you would like to be different. This is the beginning of development and transition. Sometimes therapy will be quite short, perhaps 10 sessions or so. But often getting to the root of what creates your unhappiness or anxiety takes longer. There is no set length of time. We hope you will regularly feel able to let your therapist know how you think the therapy is going, and decide together whether you need to make any adjustments to the way you are working. At Langley Therapy we sometimes work creatively using drawing, clay or other materials. We also offer homework to clients so they can think about the process of therapy in between sessions. Please know that this is always your decision. We do not aim to do anything to you, but want to work collaboratively with you.

‘Unexpressed emotions will never die, they are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways.’

Sigmund Freud

Young People and Children

Everything that is written above also applies to the work that will happen with children and young people. They also have their own unique process and ways of dealing with their issues, and helping them tell their story is still the most important part of therapy. Creative work is more commonly used when working with children and young people and working through play will also be therapeutic. Ensuring there is a trusting relationship between a young person/child and their therapist is fundamental to the work being successful. To this end there will be a confidentiality agreement in place with the client. At Langley Therapy we do no report back to parents about their child’s sessions. The only conversation with parents will be around scheduling sessions and payments. This is of course unless the child/young person is thought to be at serious risk of harm. Then we would always attempt a discussion with parents at the first opportunity. A contract will be agreed by both parents (as far as possible) to put this in place. We very much enjoy working with children and young people, and hopefully having a positive influence on their future mental health.

Desmond Tutu Quote: “Give young people a greater voice. They are ...

The fees for Individual Therapy, whether adult or young person/child are £50 per session

The first session is free of charge so we can meet and decide whether we can work together (30 minutes)

Following this sessions are for 50 minutes