Couple Therapy

This may be a difficult time in your relationship together, and there could be many reasons for this. There could be a loss in the family or friendship group that you are dealing with differently, there could be issues with a child in the house that is struggling and you have differing opinions on how to cope with this, there could be some life changes ahead for one of both of you that is causing conflict. If so, having an unrelated person to talk things through with can make a huge difference. We can’t advise you on how to live your life together, we don’t have a magic formula for making a partnership work – there isn’t one! But we do know that being able to talk about how you feel in a safe and managed space is beneficial. Langley Therapy have many years of experience of seeing this in action. We have worked with so many issues within our couples therapy – from fertility issues, to empty nest syndrome, to life events and bereavement. We are all just human and we all just doing our best…….

On the other hand you may have made the extremely difficult decision to part as a couple, but have issues to discuss around children, housing, finances etc. We can also help you work on these together. When couples split up they often lose any ability they have had in the past to speak openly and kindly. Langley Therapy can help you get an adult way of communicating with compassion back into your necessary conversations. We are not here to help couples stay together. Enabling couples to part well, if that is the best outcome, is just as important.

The happiest couples never have the same character, they have the best understanding of their differences’ Anonymous

Fees for coupes therapy:

£60 per session

The first session is 90 minutes, then 60 minutes after this